Looking for a way to separate you party or event from the rest? Well Netsin’s on Wheels is a great way to make your party or event a hit with all your guests.

We can accommodate any size event from small to large and supply everything you need so no need to worry.

We can cater any type of event from graduation parties, corporate events, fundraisers and even weddings!


  • Truck fee: $75
  • $3.75 per guest served
  • NYS Sales Tax
  • There will be an additional fee for events outside of Monroe county.
  • Weddings only: We will charge you for your final head count one week prior to your event.
Netsins on Wheels pic

Price includes: Small ice cream (two scoops), cone or dish, unlimited choice of toppings.
Payment options: We accept cash, check, or credit. Payment is expected at the end of your event.


  • At the end of the event we will charge you for the actual number of people who get ice cream.
  • We will provide 7 flavors total (Vanilla, Chocolate, Mint Chip, Cookies and Cream, Cookie Dough, Additional two flavors will be determined based on availability and event type. Lactose/Dairy free option will also be available for any lactose intolerant guests.
  • We serve our small size which is 2 scoops of ice cream. Guests can get their treat in cone or dish and choose their toppings of choice. Toppings include: Sprinkles, Nuts, Candies, Syrups, and Whipped cream.
  • Our truck is not a Nut free or Allergy free environment. There is high probability of cross contamination with allergens. A Allergen chart will be available upon request.
  • Our truck is busy as we often have multiple events booked on weekends. Please choose the time you would like us to arrive so that your party will be ready to be served. We expect to start serving at the scheduled time. We may not be able to accommodate parties that are running behind schedule so plan your event and our arrival time accordingly.
  • You must have a designated contact person meet our truck upon arrival and direct on where you would like us to park.
  • Any questions regarding truck reservations please call 301-0499.

This form is only a request and availability will be confirmed via phone by our staff.